How to Subscribe to Podcasts





General Podcasting

Our website supports Podcasting. The list of audio and video recordings (including sermons) available from the Audio / Video page is available as a podcast feed (an RSS feed), simply click the XML button and link this feed into your podcasting receiver.

Some content is restricted to site members, you should be logged in to get a personalised feed that can be used by your podcast receiving program.

iTunes Podcasting

  • First download and install the iTunes program on your computer (if it is not already installed).
  • Click on the "Advanced" option on the "tool bar" on the top right of the window
    • A "pull down" window will appear
  • Click on "Subscribe to podcast"
    • A small panel will appear requesting the RLC media URL
  • Type in:, then press the "Ok" Button
  • You are now subscribed to the RLC podcasting and will automatically receive our  sermons in your podcast program!



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