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Google Apps Summary

Utilize Google Apps to make your own, personal Reformation Lutheran Church "home page". Download Reformation sermons and worship songs. View the latest reformation photos and videos from a single web page.  There are countless customization options including Bible Search & Daily Bible Verse.

Access your administrative, group or ministry documents via Google Docs.

If you are a group/ministry leader/ or proxy, or ministry or staff member, access the church mail system (Gmail) to send and receive church email

Note: you must have a Reformation Google account to access these functions. Generic Google accounts will not work.  Please contact our   webmaster   if you need an account.

     Google Applications available within the Google/Reformation Domain

Google Apps Summary
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Google Apps (Start Page)   Google Docs and Forms   Google Mail (Gmail)
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Google Applications used by Reformation

available to all members across all domains

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 Google Talk

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