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Reformation Lutheran Church

Community Links

Note: RLC supports these blogs, organizations, and resources.  We understand that there might be comments or decisions made by these groups that we do not endorse.  However, we think these links are worthy of your consideration. 



Biblical and Theological Resources

Lutheran Organizations


World Missions

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Cranach  (Dr. Gene Veith's blog)  

Get Religion (Christian journalists who evaluate religious reporting) 

Mark and Kathi Williams (Missionaries)  

The Old Adam Lives 


Biblical and Theological Resources

Bible (a tool to look up various Bible Traslations)


Lutheran Confessions

Small Catechism
Large Catechism
Augsburg Confession 

Theological Resources

Old Solar

Modern Reformation Magazine

Southern California Outreach (find answers to broad life questions)
The Wittenberg Trail



Lutheran Organizations

ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)  

Pacifica Synod

LBIC (Lutheran Bible Institute California)
WMPL  (World Mission Prayer League)

Church Resources (a research and resource ministry for congregations)  

Lutheran Core (A reforming movement within the ELCA)

Word Alone (An evangelica movement within the ELCA) 



Augsburg Fortress (ELCA Publishing House)

ChrirstianBooks.Com (books at good prices)

Concordia Publishing House (LCMA Publishing House)

Thrivent Financial (Lutheran Organization offering financial products)    



World Missions

The Joshua Project

US Center for World Missions

WMPL (World Mission Prayer League) 








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