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RLC 08/10/2008 - A Little SecretLackey & Pearson
Length: 25 minutes
Reference:Romans 10:5-17
It seems that the gospel is our little secret. We know it. We love it. We just don't tell anyone about it.
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RLC 08/3/2008 - God's AnguishRussell Lackey
Length: 17 minutes
Reference:Romans 9:1-5
Paul's had anguish in his heart for his people to receive Christ. We learn in this passage that it is God's anguish that saves us.
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RLC 05/18/2008 - The Great Commission: Burden or Invitation?Russell Lackey
Length: 25 minutes
Reference:Matthew 28:16-20
Do you hear the Great Commission as a burden or invitation? This is an important question because when mission is a burden one gives a burden’s effort. However, when mission is an invitation, saturated by the love of Christ, it accomplishes everything.
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RLC 05/04/2008 - Jesus is Gone, let's celebrateRussell Lackey
Length: 25 minutes
Reference:Luke 24:44-53
How could the disciples have joy knowing Jesus was ascending to the father? How could they not. For they were seeing what kings had longed to see. They were seeing God’s plan of salvation in the flesh. Even more, they were now part of God’s plan of salvation as they were to preach to gospel to the ends of the earth. Of course they could not do it alone. They needed the spirit. Jesus promised the spirit. Jesus also raised his nail pierced hands to bless them. And Jesus would come to them, in the breaking of
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RLC 04/06/2008 - Caught In Jesus' NetRussell Lackey
Length: 25 minutes
Reference:John 21:1-19
Today, we break ground on a new sanctuary. The temptation is to be overwhelmed by such a daunting task. How are we going to pay for it? How are we going to fill the sanctuary? Jesus’ answer to us this morning is the same answer given to the disciples: “I am the fisherman; you are the net within my hands. I will sustain you. In case you forget, receive the gift of Absolution and the Lord’s Supper. Be so satisfied by these gifts that you might say with the beloved disciple, ‘It is the Lord!’”
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